Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hmph I'm feeling lazy. My 9:30 am class was cancelled so I went to the library and read almost a chapter for that since I would have been in the class anyway during that time. Then I went to lunch with my old roommate, and now I just got some stuff out of my car so I don't want to do anything. After my first class (at 8am) I stopped at the table in the breezeway for college rings, and I paid for mine. Here it is if you're interested, I'm getting the ladies version (obviously) in 10K white gold. Charged like $340 onto my credit card but my mom says she'll pay for it and needless to say I won't be getting a lot of Christmas presents from my parents since they always buy me stuff ;) Oh well at least I have Pete's parents and grandparents, they love me and get my nice Christmas presents :) LOL. I sound like a spoiled brat, I'm really not.

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