Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hello darling ones :)

I arrived here on Tuesday at around 6:30am, and quickly went through immigration and baggage claim and then waited around a bit to find Pete. Around 7:30am I felt someone touching by back and turned around to see Pete :) We made it to his mum's car where we stuffed my 2 large suitcases in her Yaris and made our way home. We didn't do much on Tuesday or yesterday, Pete had the two days off work so we just relaxed and enjoyed being together. Last night I also helped Lin decorate the Christmas tree which I think turned out very well :) Pete got his new laptop yesterday in the post and its really lovely with a widescreen ;) I forgot to bring the CD for my camera so hopefully I can figure out a way to download pics either on this comp or on Tony's. As far as jetlag goes I'm doing pretty good, I finally got out of bed at 12:30pm today so I think I slept it off hopefully :)

Well not much else going on here, it feels like I never left ;)


Anonymous said...

Huzzah for togetherness! I have one more exam tonight, then I get to see my Swedish Fish!

Juls said...

Huzzah for Swedish fishing :)

Keep me up to date yo! Good luck on your exam!

Me, Myself and I said...

How did you manage to put 2 suitcases in a Yaris ???? LOL!!! I am sure they doesnt fit in mine!!! hehe funny

Glad ur flight was ok although u can never fight against the jet lag ;) the best is what u did: sleep!

Enjoy your days over there Juls :) Say hello to Pete.

Anonymous said...

hi julie,
have fun here in england! I arrived here on thursday.
best wishes

Fiona said...

Happy Christmas Juls and Pete, and to your families :-) Have a great holiday season.

Anonymous said...

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