Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Hi hi. Yes I'm still alive, if anyone was wondering. Just been super busy as usual. Nothing too exciting just the hell that is my Mass Media Production class. Its a 4 credit class for a reason! They really make you earn that extra credit! The weekend was okay, nothing too great. Among the chaos that was Sunday I had to drive out all the way to Barnes and Noble to get a book I need to read for my Psychology of Personality class (taking two psych classes cause I thought I wanted it as a minor but I dunno anymore!) but they didn't have the book. I should have just ordered it off last week like I was going to, because I had to anyway. Not even sure if it's been shipped yet! Grrr. Anyway my throat still hurts but my other symptoms of illness are gone. Talked to Pete on the phone this afternoon - he was all cute ;) Well guess I'll get outta here soon (the library) and get some Molly's food as the Dining hall was CRAP as usual tonight. Thank god for honey dijon dressing to make the salad half decent!

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