Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Wow my world is rather unscripted lately. On Friday my mom's relatives came in from NJ. Two of her aunts and her uncle. The one aunt comes down here every year or twice a year for a certain amount of time, but the others haven't ever been to visit here really. So everything was great on Friday. Saturday morning, the one aunt who hasn't ever been here can't talk. It turns out she had a mini-stroke in her sleep. Well my mom ended up convincing her to go to the hospital. She should get out tomorrow - and her speech is back and her left side (that was somewhat paralyzed) is back to normal for the most part. It was just bizarre. Seems she had 2 strokes before this one, one was 3 years ago and she never knew about it or anything. That also happened to my dad, they think he had a mini stroke a year or so ago but he never really felt anything. So yeah. I spent most of yesterday in the hospital - which brought back tons of memories of visiting my sister after her car accident and my mom when she was doing treatments for breast cancer. I hate hospitals, not that anyone really loves them. But at least everyone I have ever really visited in one has gone home fine.

On a lighter note - classes are cancelled here for pre-registration on Weds. I have tons to get done though so I might just buckle down and get it over with then. Ooo I found out they opened two World Market stores in FL, both are pretty close to each other and about an hour away from my school. So Pete and I might take a road trip to the closest one when he's here. Wow he will be here in like 31 days! Ah! I really have to start xmas shopping for him when I have some time! Ooo check out these sexy people ;-P

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