Friday, November 14, 2003

Thursday Already ?

Wow this week has flown by. Usually that's a good thing but when you have TONS to do before Turkey day break its not a good thing at all! After Thanksgiving break we only have one week of classes left before finals! So I have a week and a half to get mostly everything done. Then a week after that to get the rest of it done. And then find time to study for finals ???!!! FC needs to think their schedule out a bit better I think! This probably isn't making much sense to non-college people. Anyway. I hadn't been talking to Pete a lot this week - mostly because of group meetings where half the people don't show up or we send an hour laughing at nothing much. So yesterday we had no classes so after I pre-registered for next Spring I went to Walmart, got a phone card, and called Pete in the afternoon :) We had a nice chat for about an hour. His anniversary package should be there by tomorrow (doubt if it will be though - stupid Royal Mail.) Wow our anniversary is officially on Sunday! Well its the date we made up a few years ago since, like many others who met online - we don't remember the actual date we met or when we really became a 'couple.' But it was around mid-November :) Wow he will be here in less than a month!!!! I'm sure I'll be more excited when it gets closer and there is an end to my crazy existence! I really need a month off but I'll have to wait another few weeks!

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