Thursday, November 06, 2003

Motivation (or lack thereof)

I'm totally unmotivated. Earlier I got all dressed to exercise and went to put in the DVD and suddenly it dawned on me, "I really don't want to do this..." So I put the DVD back and came online. I'm just tired. This week has been relatively un-chaotic. I have four weeks of school left pretty much, and so much to do. Why oh why do they want to cram EVERYTHING into a few weeks ? I guess I shouldn't complain, I get a full month off for xmas. Pete is coming in 36 days and I'm not too excited - just because that means I have 35 days to get all MY CRAP DONE. Schedules for Spring term came out today - why do they never give you enough classes to get a good amount of credits in one semester without having at least one class that you don't need but take because its the only thing to fill a slot ? Abnormal psych is looking to be that class next semester - I was considering a psych minor (which isn't very hard I think a total of 15 credits in psych classes about the 100 (freshman) level - easy) but do I want to commit to that ? On top of my double major ? I dunno. I like the teacher whose teaching abnormal psych but he's pretty indepth. Hmph. Oh its Bonfire night. As posted below...graphic is by Jennie (image is linked to her.) I really don't know too much about bonfire night so here is a site about it if you care. Anyway I have to do something productive!!!

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