Thursday, December 11, 2003


I spent all day yesterday studying for my Psychology of Personality final which was this morning at 8am. Hmph 6+ hours of studying for half an hour multiple choice and a few fill in the blank questions grrr but I think I did good :) Then I sold back my book, got my stuff together, put everything in my little car, and came home! The semester is over !!! Wooohooo!!!

I've been saying it hadn't hit me yet - Pete coming tomorrow - well I had this feeling last night as I was going to bed. Its a familiar one, the one I had almost 4 years ago when he arrived here for the first time, and during the anticipation of our 8 meetings...excitement and anxiousness all rolled into one that will burst into total happiness when I see him tomorrow afternoon. Yay.

But until then I have to clean, the house is a mess my room isn't much better. I called Pete earlier and his dad picked up...he was all perky...getting rid of Pete usually does that to him lol ;) Pete is all excited too of course, busy packing :)

Well I better go clean ;)

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