Monday, December 01, 2003

Summary and Sickness

Well I had a pretty good thankgiving. My niece and nephew were totally adorable as usual :) On Friday I went shopping with my mom...we didn't get too much accomplished but I got some clothes on clearance that I can't technically have until Xmas. I saw a few girls that I went to HS with in the mall so we chatted a bit and I got to show them my ring and tell them I was engaged and stuff ;) Which is always so much fun hehehe. Saturday I went with my friend Sara and her old roommate Cyré to see Love Actually. It was really cute. Probably not as good as I thought it would be/heard it was but pretty funny. The funniest bits to me was that one of the characters (Colin) goes to America (Wisconsin hehe) and meets these model looking girls (cause we're all models right,) and of course they fall all over him because he's British lol. And he says where he's from - Basildon!! Haha. Yeah thats where Pete pretty much lives...close to it anyway, he was born there :) So Pete and I might see it again when he 10 DAYS!!!! How did it all go by so fast ?! I feel icky today. Been feeling light headed/dizzy/nauseous kinda all day :( Might be my period..ugh. Well this week is going to be hell and next week is finals so I'm sure I won't be blogging too much...then Pete's here so yeah I'll be quiet hehehe.

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