Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm burnt out...

And its only the first part of the semester. I just can't get motivated, I'm always tired, and basically I just don't care. It's my last semester as an undergraduate! I say that because at some point I want to go back for my master's probably, but not yet. Things are moving slowly with both school and the wedding, and I'm a bit fed up with both. I just want it to be July, want to have a job and finally be with Pete for good. I really miss him. This week is a tough week anyway, Thursday is my mom's 50th birthday and 6 months since she passed away. I miss her a lot too, but in a more final way. It's getting to where I can't really remember the physical presence of her sometimes, while at other times I can remember it specifically even to the way she coughed. I'm working on a website for her, wanted to have it done for her birthday but that won't happen, its A Great Many Things if anyone wanted to check it out and sign the guest book.


Heidi said...

Senior-itis! Good luck with your last semester - I hope you skate right through!

Me, Myself and I said...

Last spring Juls, and u'll be done!
I know what you mean about not getting motivated and just fed up about the whole study thing, and it is because you are finishing your degree and cant see the end of it hehe but you'll do great ;-) just a few months and think you'll have a degree undeer your arm which will open lots of new oportinities ;-)

Erin said...

my sister's 18th birthday is on friday so I totally understand- I was just thinking about how much I miss her stealing my clothes all the time! Anyway, sorry you miss Pete and sorry you are kinda going through the motions in school- hope things go quickly!!!

Sarah said...

Keep going with the study thing. Not far to go and you will be able to relax - and it will have all been worth it. x x

Anonymous said...

you've come such a long way , girl
almost 4 years of college,, with great grades.
a wonderful relationship that has stood the test of distance and time.
im telling you ,as a 42 year old mommy,, you have so many wonderful things awaiting you in your life... marriage ! a family ! career! a new country to conquer! nw things to learn experinec and many exciting exciting things.. hang in there girl, just a little bit more time..
since your own beloved mom cant type these words, i can tell ,you as a mommy ,what she is thinking ,, and she is ssssssssoooooooooooooo proud of her little girl.i am .
hugs from lizzy in israel

NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

Keep going with the school, not long now and your all done. Kinda jealous wish I was all done, can't wait to be working a good job and settled down. I like your Mother's memorial site, very touching.

Thanks for offering to help with the English, I might just take you up on that. I'll e mail you :)

Hope your having a good week.