Thursday, April 01, 2004

Great Gown Giveaway and Registration

Wow long and busy day considering we didn't have class!

Today was Registration day for Summer and Fall term. So I met with my advisor and when to financial aid this morning at 9am to get that done. Then I came back here and chatted with Pete for almost and hour, then I had to go meet a club I'm in so we could go set up and run The Great Gown Giveaway. Its this program we got involved with where we put signs up around the college asking girls to donate their old prom dresses, shoes, and jewelery in good condition to give to girls who couldn't afford them.

I donated two of mine - both I wore to proms. Anyway we set up and the girls started coming in around noon. It didn't officially start until like 2pm and lasted until 6:30pm. A girl left with my coral colored prom dress I wore my senior year. I think there are a few pictures of me in it on my MSN photo site. Anyway I looked a lot better on her so I'm glad she like it :) Made me feel all good inside lol. Anyway so just got back here. We had to take the left over dresses to the president of the club's house to put in a spare room they have. I'm so tired but I have to finish researching and start writing a paper due on Friday and work on at 20 page paper due in a little over two weeks!! Ahhhhh!!!! Working weekend here I come! And its only WEDNESDAY!!!!

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