Monday, April 19, 2004

Finals, Sickness, and Stress

Well I thought I was getting better. Seems the sickness I did have that was in my throat mostly moved from my throat to my nose overnight. On Saturday I was feeling sick but yesterday was better. Then today my nose is congested only in one nostral, and my sinuses (sp?), and ears hurt. UGH. First final of the semester went well, the easiest test we've had in that class, Abnormal Psych, and only over two chapters. Then I spent some time making notecards for my HUGE Electronic Media final on Weds. The teacher that was suppose to give us our papers back on Friday, then today, is now giving them back TOMORROW. WTF ???!!!! Yes. So I have decided I am not going to stress out over this paper and try to get it done by Weds, I will stay the extra hours on Weds after my finals and finish it and turn it in on Thurs to her. My mom is also coming up on Thursday to bring the van and get all my stuff in there. Anyway I better get back to doing notecards for my Electronic Media test, or studying for my Vis Comm final, or typing up stuff for my website presentation! The fun never ends here in Stressland. I HATE FINALS !!!

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