Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Stuff I have to do...

As finals approach, everything is due. In the next two weeks I have to...

1) Finish Vis Comm final project - due Thursday. 7 more collages to go.

2) Type up Annotated Bibliography for Electronic Media presentation - 20 sources. Have to rely on group members to get them to me eventually. We present on monday and the bib is due then too!

3) Finish website for Web Publishing (due last day April 22)

4) Do research paper (10-12 pages - but adding research to 8 pages already) for Adv. Exp. Writing - due April 21.

5) Finish 20-25 page psychological autobiography (have 11 pages) due April 16!

I am feel like I am going to die - as Sara put it on her Live Journal.

On top of that my eyes have been bothering me really badly. Everyday when I'm on the computer for more than 5 mins pretty much I get a headache, feel sick, and its difficult for my eyes to focus.

And I have to decide whether or not to put the flight on my credit card even though neither of us have the money to pay it off (I just got it and there is a 6 month no interest thing) but still when you don't have money and don't know when you will it makes booking things like $800 flights a bit difficult. Just venting please don't tell me to look on 'discount site' been there 100's of times.

I need a Starbuck's Vanilla Frappacino from Molly's...mmmmm. Okay taking a shower and working on collages.

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