Thursday, April 15, 2004

Procrastination - I'm not the only one!

I was in the library today. All around me there were people typing. Often I would get up and look around. Some people were playing games on their computer screens, or flipping through silly magazines about celebrities. See I'm not the only one that just can't get anything done. Finals start on Monday, its not the finals I worry about. Its the 20 page paper that's due tomorrow, and the 12 page one that's due on Weds. I'm tired of writing papers, I don't care anymore about William Blake's artistic expression. I want to sleep, and watch movies, and read good books that have nothing to do with psychology, or media, or literature, or web publishing. I have too many projects to get done. And then study for tests. A week from now it will all be over, at least for a week, but that only stresses me out more. Eyes are strained, head it starting to hurt. I have to go email myself my papers from the library comps to my laptop. Tomorrow is Friday and I am not happy about that. Why does school suck so much?! Exercising at 8pm with roommate, better get something done before then!

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