Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Latest

Should really be working on some stuff I want to get done by tomorrow before my class at 2pm but I'm not.

I've just added two new pics to my msn photo group - one of my new blue purse and the other of me all dressed up for my Sigma Tau Delta induction last night. The night went pretty well, one of my professors sat with my mom and I and one of my classmates at the reception afterwards and he was really funny ;) Anyway back to work. I have a project to turn in today at 2pm which I finished last night, a total of 10 collages and a 2 page paper describing a sub-culture we had to make up for my Visual Communications class which is probably the easiest class I have as far as the work load. I have to finish the annotated bibliography or at least most of it by tomorrow or my Electronic Media class. But that depends on everyone emailing me their sources this afternoon. Ugh I HATE group projects! We present on Monday - ugh. Working on the 20 page paper - have 13 pages now - it only had to be like 15-20 pages so not much more to go! But writing about my life gets me off on tangents so I'm sure that won't be hard to fill another 7 pages!

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