Friday, September 02, 2005

I slept good last night..yay! Didn't go to sleep at all until 11pm and then got up at 7am yay.

So before I left for England, my mom got me this 27" TV with Dvd player and VCR all-in-one to bring to school with me. Well...I tried to use the dvd player last night to watch an episode or 2 of Mad About You or Seinfeld before bed. And the DVD player didn't play either sounded as though it was about to and then something to stuck and it started to make a clicking noise.

So I tried other DVDs. The only DVDs that would work were those that are 2 sided you know the ones, mostly for older films that have standard screen size and wide screen size on different sides of the disc. And Sliding Doors worked too...but that wasn't 2 sides it just didn't have an image label on the front, just the title of the movie on the disc itself. So does anyone know if its possible for a DVD player not to play dvds with labels on them? Or maybe the ones I picked just weren't clean enough or something? I'm confused!


Anonymous said...

Juls, does anyone in administration or someone like your advisor know about your mom? I am hoping that Flagler has a good policy about understanding that you just lost someone important and so reading literature is not exactly an easy thing to concentrate on- I hope they are willing to cut you some slack with that- Pepperdine was nice to me (I emailed professors a couple of times because I just couldn't get out of bed to take their exam. Sometimes life takes priority over homework.) Just a thought- take care of yourself during this time and don't feel like you have to be all work. Sorry your DVD player isn't working :( Do you have DVD on your computer? ~Erin~

Juls said...


I've been meaning to email my professors and advisor about it but i dunno I just feel like I'm tired of talking about it. Though I might email them just so they know whats going on. I'm not sure if Flagler will do anything, I'm best if I keep busy anyway so the work gives me something to do I guess :)

Me, Myself and I said...

I dont think is matter of labels and cleaness...could be but quite strange considering it is a new machine. you might go to the shop your mombought it and ask them to have a look on it whenever you've got time.