Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hmph bit jealous - Bridget Jones Edge of Reason comes out on DVD in the UK on 25 Feb. Hmph, guess I know how it feels now lol. Too bad I don't have a muti-region dvd player, theres no point in getting one now as I'll be moving in a year and a half. Wow that's weird to say. Ah. Speaking of weddings and stuff, my spinster cousin got engaged over the weekend ;) (hehehe sorry Jess) anyway she's probably getting married before me as she's older and has less time to make babies - well according to her anyway lol. I am happy for her though :)

Other than that today has been mundane, turns out I didn't need to need Rushdie for today, but Weds. Today I had something else due, good thing I had time to do it before it was due. Tomorrow is "Housing Day" its a new thing this year, where everyone who is poor (like me) and wants on-campus housing has to get in line at 7am to get one of like 200 contracts - and no extras are given. So guess who's getting up and going downstairs in her pj's to get a contract. Yes. me.

Went to the dentist this morning. My dentist still looks like a pig. Nothing changes does it?


Anonymous said...

ah but does he ACT like a pig??? If so, change dentists!
Anyway, Happy Tuesday, Juls :) Hugs, Erin

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie!
There's a chance I might be moving to the UK too, as early as this summer. For real. I'm dead serious.


Jennie said...

Hope you can get one of the housing contracts. Doesn't sound fun waiting in line like that.

Juls said...

OMG Sara ???!!! Email me about the possible UK plans - is it to do with vet schools ??! I'm dying to know now, will check LJ ;)