Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pond Hopping

I've been in England since Sunday morning :)

About half way through my trip as I'll only be here until the 23rd of Dec. In a way I wish I was staying longer but I feel like I should be home for Christmas. Its been tough, because I feel the more normal here than I have in a long time and going home will just make me dwell on everything again. But oh well. This weekend is Christmas 0.5 hehe so that'll be fun. Haven't really been up to much else, I probably won't post again until after Christmas but just wanted to let everyone know I was here safe and sound :)


elaine said...

Hi Juls,

Have a nice Christmas across the pond in the UK.

Have a mince pie, a slice of Christmas cake, and a fistful of Roses chocolates for Jennie and me, hehe!


Jennie said...

lol, well said Elaine. :D

Have a great Christmas Juls and thanks for the card.

Me, Myself and I said...

Cool you are having a good time in England. Enjoy yourselves!