Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm Moving!

After I received the approval email on Thursday July 27, I tracked my package (which consisted of the binder I sent in with most of the relative information still there, my passport (with visa!)) and it was to arrive the following day, Friday. So all Friday morning I was on the Fed Ex site trying to track it and it finally arrived at 12:30pm :) I was surprised how basic the visa looked, not sure what I was expecting but it seemed weird that a glued on piece of paper into my passport could mean so much ;) I actually took a picture of my visa, which if you're a close friend I'll let you see ;)

Before the visa actually arrived at my door, I decided to book my flight to leave. I wanted to leave kind of soon but not too soon, as I still have to pack a fair amount and want to spend time with my family. After a lot of hassle, I finally booked a one way ticket through STA travel on Virgin Atlantic for less than $600 which is by far the best deal I found :) I'll be leaving on August 18th and arriving in London on August 19th :)


Aceswyf said...

Hi Juls, congrats on the VISA approval! You must be so excited about leaving!

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything, Juls. It will be interesting to read your 'expat' blogging!


Helen said...

Welcome home :0