Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yes I'm Alive, Only Just Barely

So, as so many others, I've been neglecting my electronic world to become a functioning member of the real world. I know, a total cop out. I've been super busy, it all started when I went to Scotland at the end of March for a few days to see my bestest friends Sara and Tiffany. Sara lives in Edinburgh where she's in vet school and Tiff lives in Florida. We went to HS together and they were bridesmaids at my wedding. It was REALLY great to see them and be with proper friends again. So since then I've been playing catch up with work and sleep. I had a full week of work last week, so I could have Easter Sunday and Monday off...soo I only had 2 days of work this week! Now Pete's at work and I'm bored...argh...I can never win, can I?

We got a new TV at the weekend. It's this one:

That's the extent of the news from this end. The weather is really lovely so I may go and read my driving Theory test book outside in the garden :)


Heidi said...

You lucky Duck ;)

It's snowy and 30's here in Chicago today....enjoy!

Me, Myself and I said...

Lovely you got to se your best friends. I am sure you were already missing them lots ;-)

Good luck on your driving test!!!

Erin said...

it's cool! we forgive you! enjoy the UK!