Saturday, October 03, 2009

I've been MIA: McGuire-ing in Action

I keep resurrecting this blog, and then forgetting to post on it!

Things have been really good in the time in between posts. I'm progressing well with the McGuire Programme. I went to my second course in Norwich at the beginning of September, and the month since has been a whirlwind. The Monday after the Norwich course, I disclosed to the Admin girls at my work (they work on another floor) and then to Slimming World the following day (big room with lots of voice projection opportunities). Both were excitingly fearful scenarios which I think went down well. Not that a lot has changed, the girls at work do talk to me more (always good), and I've been given a new job role in work. I'm doing a few days as a PA and a few days in my current role.

Last weekend I went on a challenging Grad Weekend in Milton Keynes, which was a lot of fun and challenging as well. I did some good challenges and worked on parts of the technique that I hadn't worked on before. Namely Hit & Hold...which I'm finding really useful!

This week/coming week will also, hopefully, bring some exciting news...but I'll wait until it's official before I say anything...

I'm also thinking of joining Toastmasters International...just need a car to get to the meetings though. So that's my next mission: save for a car!!!


Jessica Barrague said...

Yay Julia! You are one busy woman! How do you do it all? I admire you for moving to the UK. I wonder if I have the guts to move to France one day but I think I would miss the US too much, and my parents! Maybe we wil go to Ireland next year, and maybe we can stop over in England! Miss ya Cousin!

Juls said...

Awww thanks jess!

Maybe we can meet up in Ireland!!! I want to go there too but haven't gotten the chance!

Michelle said...

Maybe I can meet you all in Ireland too. I miss you Sis!! Love ya