Monday, January 10, 2005

I got back into Orlando on Saturday afternoon/evening...

The flight was delayed leaving Gatwick because the plane was late getting into Gatwick because of the gale force winds. We finally left London around 1pm GMT and arrived in Orlando around 5:45pm EST. It took a long time to get through immigration because there was only one line open for US Citizens and Residents and the guy before me took like 10 minutes. I finally got to baggage claim and found my mom and her relatives who are here visiting and got my bags. The jetlag isn't too bad, I think because I was only there 3 and a half weeks instead of 6 like last time so I didn't really fully adjust to the time to begin with. Never the less, I went to bed around 10pm on Saturday and got up at 5am yesterday morning. But then I went to bed 6:30pm last night and got up at 6:30am this morning.

I'm not too depressed, I did cry a bit the few days before I left but not when I left Pete at the Departures gate or on the plane. He'll probably be here in May for my birthday so thats not long to wait at all :) Well back to college tomorrow, then classes start on Weds. Not looking forward to it ahhhh.


Stacie said...

Hey Juls! I am glad to see you made it back safely! I did hear the winds last weekend were terrible. Alex's mum and dad had no power and lost out on work at the market last Saturday because of them. I always hate immigration on the way back, it always seems to take forever. I'm glad you aren't feeling too depressed. Alex left on Saturday and I'm not so lucky, I have been feeling really sad and lonely since he left. The first week always sucks. Anyways hope all is going well w/ya! Hugs!

NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

Glad you had a safe trip back home, and you had a great time with Pete. Yeah my mum was telling me that the winds were really bad back there.

Immigration is a pain, there are always long lines there.

Hope your first few days back in College are going well.

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

you look so happy with Pete :)I'm sorry that you are back in Florida instead of with your sweetie- I remember how much that hurts. But you look fantastic in the photos! Hugs, Erin