Saturday, May 21, 2005

Long time no post...been pretty busy here.

Pete leaves on Monday so we're going to spend the last few days just hanging out :) I'll miss him a lot but I should be there in August so we'll only be apart for 2 months yay!

I started my internship at a local tourism bureau, I'll be helping out the Communications and Internet departments :) Did three half days this week and its been nice so I think I'll enjoy it.

Have some more news too, we've been busy doing church stuff for the wedding: went to our focus group meetings and went to the all day Pre-Caana conference thing. So yesterday went to see if we could book a date with the church. Unfortunately the nun in charge was gone for the day so we ended up going to the reception venue and seeing what they had open :)
And guess what...we booked the venue for June 10, 2006 and paid the deposit!!!!!!!! So I hope this date is good with my bridemaid, going to email them soon, if not LET ME KNOW people hehe. This is the venue by the way: Riverside Pavillion


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Wow, Riverside Pavilion looks so great. I'm so happy about you.

Hey, just two months and you and Pete will be together for good.

Hope you the best in your internship. Your activities you will be doing sound so interesting. I alreay added you to my hubby & mine's daily reads.

God bless and enjoy to the top these last days of stay of Pete. Also, two months will run away very fast, you will see, and soon you will both be together.

Take care,

Gabriela. :)

Anonymous said...

June 10 should be perfect! That gives me a week to get back from Scotland and reacclimated. Seems like Pete's leaving so soon! But the wedding will be here before we know it :) Went to beach with Fish yesterday. Don't know what we are, but it was nice.

Juls said...

Good good, was going to call you but had a feeling you were in HB ;) Doing internship I think Tues - Thurs full days and working at motel, but will definitely have time to go dress looking soon. Need to get a lot done before August! Always making things difficult you are ;-p

Anonymous said...

Hey Juls
Hope you are ok even though Pete has gone, glad u had a great time together and will be back over in the UK very soon! Maybe we can try and meet up one day while you are over here?? Be great 2 see u!!!!!!
Gem xxx