Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pete's been here a week today, the time is going by fairly slow so that's good :) My birthday is on Monday, so still some time to buy your last minute presents hehe. We've been busy babysitting my niece and nephew and cleaning the house, my mom has been redecorating so its been interesting. We went shopping for my birthday and Pete bought me a lovely jewelry box. He also got me a travel jewelry box, that you can see here. But I have to wait for my other presents hehe. I guess that's about it for now. We bought "Closer" on dvd, really interesting movie, not for the those with faint ears though. Anyway best be off for now, will update again soon :)

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Mel said...

Hi Juls
The pre-presents you received from Pete are very nice :-)
Haven't seen "Closer" yet. Friends who watched it told me all, that afterwards couples left the cinema in a very pensive mood.
Have lovely weekend!