Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pond Hopping

I'm pond hopping tomorrow evening...thought I'd share a pic I took back in ummm early 2002 (the date says 11/06/2002 but I think its from January 2002 and the date was just messed up on the camera:

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This is how much my in-laws and their friends drink - I think that was over New Years and it was only HALF the bottles (the rest were inside) LOL.


Fiona said...

I have a feeling I would like your in-laws, Juls :-) Great pic!! Have a safe journey over to London and a fantastic stay in Essex. Take care.

Juls said...

hehe everyone says that...the ones who haven't met them want to and everyone who has loves them! They're quite a group!! ;)

Sarah said...

Wow, that's really impressive! I think they've beat me on holding in alcohol...from what you've written about them, they seem very fun-loving, and I'm happy you are marrying into such a family. My in-laws are nice, but they are a little ... uptight sometimes.

Anyway-sorry to complain about our "humidity" I know what real humidity is though, from spending summers in the midwest, but not living in it for so long and any little bit of it really gets you!!!

Have a safe trip!!!