Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Puddle Jumping

Arrived at Gatwick around 7:30am yesterday, a bit late, very tired, but good. No matter what seat I choose from VA's website as my living space for the 8 and a bit duration of the flight I always seem to get behind the "SOD YOU TRAVELLER." You know the type, they don't care that another person is a mere 10 inches behind them, they will push their seat back AS FAR AS IT WILL GO ie into your lap so that your tray table is pretty much digging into your ribs. Well of course, this time was no different. I thought perhaps I'd be lucky and get at least the middle seat empty so that I could stetch a bit. A second after I said that a father and son walked up and killed my dream. The father reassured me, glancing at the -10 inches of space I had, "that'll have to go up soon, but the you know it'll just come down again." Yes, state the obvious why don't you? Bah.
Then miracle of miracles, the old couple that were sitting behind me decided to snag some empty steats right behind a galley (should have done myself but I didn't see them - bah.) So I swooped in and took the aisle seat behind me. So the woman at the window and I shared the middle seat for a bit of stretching out space, trash, and the like.
Surprisingly, the movies were kind of decent, so I saw HITCH once through, and bits of it again and MISS CONGENIALITY 2 - which was surprisingly good as my movie critic fiance previously told me.
Got througout immigration alright, weird to think its the last time I'll go through with a spousal visa (if all things go right of course.) VERY WEIRD. But being here again it feels as though I should be here, its weird to explain but it feels like home. Not that my actual home ie where I was raised, live currently, and where my parents are, isn't - but this is as well.
As for my inlaws, as mad as ever. Lin has lost a TON of weight so I officially hate her for that but she looks terrific and I'm glad I'll have a dieting buddy to keep my progress up while I'm here. On the wedding front I gave Lin their Save the Date and will give the others out as well while I'm here. A little over 10 months until we're married!!!! That's even scarier to think about!

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Jennie said...

Good to hear that you're there all happy & safe. :)