Friday, July 08, 2005

Terror on the Underground and an Ocean Away

Pete usually doesn't go to London, especially at rush hour. This week he did and for 3 days it didn't seem worrying until yesterday.

Thank god he arranged for his friend Kate to call me (getting my brother on the phone while I was in the shower) who told me Pete was ok despite what happened. I didn't know what happened.

Unusually I had just gotten out of bed at 7am and before checking anything online I jumped in the shower. After getting the message that something had happened, I turned on the TV and frantically moved the channels to a news station. CNN told me what I was wondering - bombings on the London Underground. At least Pete was safe.

Pete, his mum, grand parents, and friends of the family were working in London this week doing robing for graduations at a University. The train they were on from Liverpool Street missed the chaos by 15 minutes. Thank God.

I had knots in my stomach all day at my internship. I dialed Pete's mobile number frantically over and over again trying to get the network to connect me to his voice. I had to make sure myself that he was ok. It's amazing what scenarios you think about when you don't know. What if anyone with them is hurt? What if they were stuck somewhere? What if he told Kate to call me just so I wouldn't worry? What if....

They were safe at the university, apparently the graduation had to go on, and they had to dress students who didn't want to be there. Not because they didn't care, but because their they wanted to find out about their own friends and family that might be affected by the chaos.

After such an unusual day, Pete and his family got seats on the underground going back home. They all sat down. His mum got out grapes and asked if anyone wanted some..."Grapes anyone?" I guess life goes on.


I finally got in touch with Pete around 2pm on his mobile through a bad connection. It was so great to hear his voice.


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Julie. So glad that your fiancee and his family are safe.

It was so sad what happenened in London.

Gabriela. :(

Me, Myself and I said...

Hello Juls,

I am sure it was a relief to know Pete and his family was fine. It might be such terrible feeling to know whether someone is okay or not.
London wont be the same again but, at least, the must carry on with their lives.

Mel said...

Really glad to hear Pete and his family are safe. It must have been so worrying for you not getting through to Pete's mobile phone.
Good to see that the British people don't let themselves put down. Life has to go on!