Monday, August 29, 2005

Today I pack up my things to begin my 4th and final year of college. I remember all the others years that she came with me on the big move, with all my stuff packed in the van. Last year it was only her and I doing it together: moving in and moving out again. We always fought as we tried to join the hoards of other students and their parents lugging big boxes, TVs, and bedding in old elevators that couldn't fit them all. She'd have a plan to put as much on the kart as possible to make the move faster, while I'd want to make more trips with fewer things to carry each time. But after all the arguing, drama, and chaos, we'd get all my stuff into the room and go to the pizza place downtown for tortellini salad and a white pizza.

So tomorrow as my dad, my brothers, and I lug too many boxes along with the hoards of other people doing the same; I'll think of her and smile at the chaos of it all. And then go have tortellini salad...just like we would have done if she were here.


Anonymous said...

wishing you a fantastic , enjoyable and rewarding school year this year.. I know you're going to wow em , kiddo!
all the best

Juls said...

Thanks Lizzy,

hard to believe its almost over! eeek!

Anonymous said...

lol, i know! ive been following your escapades in school, incuding your assignments and various weird roomates, for about three years! im ready for my degree from uni in florida now too !lol*
anyway i found my last year of studying to be the best year... so enjoy!

* hasn't helped my spelling typos any though..

Juls said...

Thanks I'll try!! I have my own room this year!! yay!! I'll have to get it all decorated and post pics! Big year: graduation in April, wedding in June, and moving soon after if we stick to our current decision! Then I get to be grown up and find a job :(

Anonymous said...

"Then I get to be grown up and find a job :("
I've got a feeling we are going to be reading great articles by you as a regular contributer in some of the coolest english mags, in the near future ..( and i dont mean Chat and Woman's Own)
.... remember old lizzy if you need an illustrator! lol

Sarah said...

Hi Juls,

Best wishes for a good last year of school.

I know you are going to be so great!!! You and Pete have waited so long for your wedding, you guys had to have set some sort of record for "Longest LDR" and "Most Successful LDR"

Best wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

Juls, I had no idea and I feel like an idiot for neglecting my blog friends. When it rains it pours. My mom died the day I was supposed to marry Dennis, right before my Junior year of undergrad so I hope I can somewhat understand how you feel- I completely ignored her when I was overseas because she was annoying and I miss her so much now. It is not fair and I wish I could give you a big hug. So much to say but most of all I am here to listen. you and all those you love are in my prayers- I hope that you are not anxious or worried as the school year starts. ~Erin

Sara said...

Hey Julie!
I had to smile when I read this post. It's still hard, I know, but I'm so happy you're holding up ok. Tomorrow there will be an ocean between us, but you'll stay in my thoughts. Always.
Take care and enjoy that private room!