Friday, May 14, 2004

Birthday Stuff

I realized I forgot to tell you what I received for my birthday!

Well Pete got me this very nice top from FCUK - tease cami. He got it in "raven" as on our comps it looked black, but it turned out to be a dark grey color. It's still very lovely, he has very good taste for dressing me! That being said he also got me this t-shirt from FCUK - Penalty Spot LOL. I have yet to pluck of the courage to wear it around here, as I think it's more of a English humor thing and people might think I'm a slut if I wear it here LOL. He also got me Love Actually on DVD ;) I LOVE that movie to death!!! And a lovely Me-to-You bear Fiancee card ;) (Thanks again baby!)

My parents already got me my new (used - but in great condition) lovely Powerbook G4. My dad also sneakily put $100 in my bank account and told me not to tell my mom!!! ;) I love my daddy lol.

My sister and her hubby got me some new Nike trainers/sneakers (I don't remeber the actual name so I can't link to them) and a yellow top from the GAP (which I can't find on their site.)

My uncle and his gf, who was very rude at the birthday/mother's day party, are going to get me a new battery for my computer, eventually.

I got a very nice card from my cousin Jessica, and from my friend Becca who I haven't seen in person in AGES. Also I got lovely ecards from my cuz and Gem (thanks!)

Plus money from my great Aunt and my Grandma. Which reminds me, I have to deposit her check today!

My friend Sara got me a very cool wooden wind chime and a cute glass smiley face candle holder thing, that holds a tea light and the light from the candle reflects onto the glass making the smile glow :) Thanks!

All in all a very nice birthday, and I'm happy to finally be 20!


Me, Myself and I said...

Hello!I'm here 2 let you know I have changed into a Blogspot blog. Click on teh link to know mroe about it. Have anice weekend !!

Me, Myself and I said...

wow ! sure Pete has a great taste on dressing! I Looove that top hehe you must look very cute !!!