Thursday, May 27, 2004

A Month Cannot Pass Fast Enough!

Well the only good aspect of today is that a month from now, in about an hour, I will be boarding my lovely Virgin Atlantic Flight to London!!!! And a month from tomorrow I will see Pete at the airport (if immigration doesn't hold me hostage again.)

Weird thing for today: This morning I was driving to school, those who don't know I drive an hour each way for my summer classes. Well there I was, about 1/4 way through my nearly daily journey when I pass two police officers who were in front of a restraunt talking. They both looked at me as I passed them in my little '92 Toyota Tercel. So I checked my speed, wasn't speeding. I though "hmph that's strange!" So I keep driving, I saw them get into their car as soon as I passed so I knew I was going to get stopped. So the sirens come on, I pull over into the next parking lot. There are TWO cop cars kinda blocking me in. Ooookay. This really friendly police officer says good morning as he approaches, I say hi. He then looks in my car, and says...."Sorry, but when you passed I thought I saw a BABY IN YOUR LAP WHILE YOU WERE DRIVING. Sorry about that, have a good day. Drive safe." WTF ????!!!!!!! Very Bizarre!

Other than that today has been crap, enough said.


Jennie said...

lol, wow, now that is the craziest thing. How bizarre.

I agree with you on the month not being able to pass fast enough. I want it to be done already too. Then it'll be my birthday and then still another month until I see my parents again.

Me, Myself and I said...

LOL how silly ! I think they just bored from driving the whole morning and needed to show off their alarm ligths to get a bit distracted lol Police as always effective ;-)

MMmmm well I know your excitement about going to London lol but I feel I don't have a gap to breath, only 1 month! cant believe it...

Anonymous said...

anonymous fooey,, its lizzy
hey what kind of coffee where those cops drinking, cause I want some !!lol you shoudl have answered them" i do have a baby on my lap" and than started cooing and bouncing your knee up and down with a beatific smile on your face.
or you should have looked at your tummy and said" do you know soemthing I dont know officer?"
well i'll be looking forward to hearing about your adventures with mr pete at summers end. im also going with the gang to America to my mommy and daddy, and after to england to hubs mummy and daddy. if i ever finish working! lol

Juls said...

Thanks Girls

Very bizarre indeed!

Jennie - glad I'm not the only one that wants time to pass quickly, though May has, hopefully June will as well!

Miriam - don't worry, you'll be fine! Think of it as a Great Adventure!

Lizzy - LOL I should have! It was so geniunely bizarre that I was speechless! Glad to hear from you :) Hope you can survive work! Have a safe and happy time travelling pretty much AROUND THE WORLD ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
What a weird thing!!! They thought they were in a movie or something...hehehe
Oh I wish I was going to London too. Well James is coming in July to stay 3 weeks in Brazil.
Best wishes.

Juls said...


Have a great time with James in July :)

Sasoozie said...

That's wierdness at a new level !!!.. Freaky.

I'd freak out at getting pulled over.. never experienced that.

a month will fly past in an instant.. then you'll be over in blighty seeing the man of your dreams and meeting the craziest girls on the planet...

Anne said...

Wow! Very strange cops!! Maybe they were having a slow day or they just don't get too much social interaction these days! LOL!!

Hope the month flies for you Juls!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I think "We thought you were driving with a baby in your lap" is a new police pickup line in Florida.
Happy Memorial Day-Weekend Juls! Hugs,Erin

Juls said...

LOL Sas very true :)

Erin - Thats what my mom said!!!! LOL

NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

Wow that's wired about the cop stopping you like that. They stopped Clayton the other day, because of the Wheel nob on his steering wheel he has to have it there cause of his disabilty. But they were just checking he had a disabilty as apparently they were ilegal otherwise. I noticed that American police are more aware of things, than UK police. They stop you for the most silliest of things.

Anyways hope you have a great Holiday weekend.
Take Care.

Fiona said...

Hi Juls
That is such a weird/funny story about the police stopping you!! hope your month goes quickly so your trip comes around soon for you!!! - I am getting impatient now for our wedding in november but there's loads to do still so I don't know whether I want it to go quickly!! Have a great weekend :-)