Sunday, May 30, 2004

Dresses - Round 2

Well I downloaded Hello onto my uncle's PC here at the motel. Wow its really easy to download pics now yay - well on a pc anyway, hopefully Hello will come out with a version for macs!

The pic below is of the dress I put on hold last weekend. I'm not getting it as of yet, I still want to look around a lot more. I put a few more pics of it on my msn group so you can go there to view more if your a member :) If not, you can apply to join here but I have to know you before I will approve you ;)

Also got a new swim suit for like $20 yesterday! The "suggest retail price" was like $72!!! Got it at Sam's Club, which is a warehouse shopping center, similar to Costco's or BJ's if you're familiar with those.

Thats about it, not doing much, was working today. Need the $$$ so thats good.

Speaking of money, Pete did something very sweet. He asked his parents if we could get tickets for Romeo and Juliet for his birthday! :) We didn't know if we were going to be able to go otherwise because of the low finances being job-less and poor as we are hehe. So yay! I think he's going to call them up about when there are seats available this week :)


Jennie said...

Wow, beautiful dress.

Great bargain on the swimsuit - I think it's insane how much they charge for those things. I'd like a 2 piece one with a little skirt dealie, but it would be close to $100.

Yeah, Hello is very nice & easy.

Mel said...

Hi Juls
This dress looks very pretty on you! Yeah, Hello rules, I'm using it myself aswell.
A propos bargains: last week I got some white trendy linen trousers for the summer for only about $10.00 and they were normally about $50! It's crazy sometimes, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, what a gorgous looking bride you will be, my dear! you will knock ol 'pete to the floor when he sees you in that gorgeous dress. to plotz over!
hows the time filling going before flytime, girl? each tick of the clock takes you closer to pete,, and wonderful european cup football,, arghghgh.. maybe youd better stay... naaaaaaaaaaaah!
its lizzy , of course

Fiona said...

Hi Juls
Lovely dress, you look great in it. I tried to read your thread on YD2R but for some unknown reason the pictures aren't showing up on my pc - very annoying!! Anyway it's good to see pictures of your dress shopping! :-)
Hope you've had a great weekend

Anne said...

What a gorgeous dress!! It looks so great on you!! I tried on maybe 4 or 5 dresses till I found "The One". Have fun! *Hugs*

Juls said...

Thanks girls

I'm not going to buy it, not yet, but it was nice to look. Pete's seen it, as its on the msn group, but since i'm not getting it thats alright ;)

Me, Myself and I said...

Oh Juls! this dress really suits you! I love the vet :)
By the way, I'm supossed to arrive the 28th June too lol ( I got mixed as I thougth 27 was monday ) so I'm arriving on monday too. However, it will depend on the flight: today I'm edfinetly booking so depending on the money, I'll get there the 27th or 28th, we'll see !

Juls said...

Too funny Miriam where are you flying into? Guess that'll depend on the price as well. I'm flying into Gatwick at 6:55am GMT !

Anonymous said...

We finally got smart, and ordered tickets a few months in advance,,, instead of A day or two before we want to go, when everything is booked solid. This year we are flying to Manchester by way of Istanbul, on Turkish Airways,,, they are about 150 bucks cheaper than anyone else,,so Turkey it is! Last year we were total idiots,, we flew via London, and landeded at 10pm ..and had our connecting flight to Manchester at 11,,( that flight was cheaper than the train, ) ......the next bloody morning!!!! we spent all night wandering around heathrow, having luggae cart races, and spending ten pounds on a " who wants to be a millionire " game... heathrow shuts down compltely except for an awful Costa in terminal 3.. its creepy. like we were the last people on earth,,, lol.... at least Gatwick has a macdonalds with living bodies in it.. I know that factoid, as we did the same stupid thing the year before. so a one hour lay over in Istanbul sounds 300 percent better.

Juls said...

I assume the anonymous post was Lizzy ;)

You make my little direct flight of 8 hours seem like a piece of cake! Airports are always so much fun! lol. Secretly I love them ;)