Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Good day

Today has been a good day :)

My speech went well, so that is a big load off my back. Only one more major speech to go and I'm done! Wow. If you don't know why its such a big deal it just is ;)

My uncle's gf has been making an attempt to be pleasant, I think she's just like me, not very social. Which sometimes comes off as being b*tchy and rude (not that I am of course!) Anyway she was cleaning out her old clothes and gave me some cute skirts :) A demin one, a white one with a pink floral print, and a black one with a blue floral print. I'm in a skirt phase I guess :) I'm wearing the demin one now, its lightweight, frayed around the edges, and comes to about the knee. Its nearly 2 sizes too big, but it fits pretty good. I think I might make another button hole so that I'm not so paranoid about it falling down, but my hips are holding it up lol. The other two skirts are extra-large size but with the elastic they fit good :)

Anyway after class I rewarded myself by going to KFC and getting a Twister combo. Hmph, another place in St.Aug I know not to go to. Its not that it was bad, but the twister wrap thing was hard (old), the chicken was hard (old, and not warm), the dressing on it was very minimal, the lettuce wasn't the freshest it could be, and I guess you can't screw up a tomato without having a rotten one. Why is every place around here so crap? Taco Bell is decent but not clean. Anyway then I went to Target, I got a book "Straight Talking" by Jane Green and little metalic tags that say: "Wedding", "Engagement," "Love," "Cake", "Bouquet", and maybe something else - to use in my engagement scrapbook (which I wanna get finished with by the time I go to England) and the wedding scrapbook I have gotten (which I won't be starting for some time ie after the wedding!) I got the tags as the Target here had better stuff in that department than the one near my house. Anyway off to chat with Pete :)

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Me, Myself and I said...

Glad the speech went well :) I'm pretty lucky about it: I like to talk in public, however, it doesn't mean I don't get nervous coz I do ! so really, congrats on that, you have passed by another step ;-)
LOL funny about your uncle's gf. Yes, actually, she seems like acting a bit nicer. Hope my sis' bf does the same sometime soon, I always ask him for his laptop but no way lol just kidding.. but he can be a jerk sometimes... anyways,...
By the way, you can always make the skirts short to someone's who swes

Lynn said...

Hi Juls! Hope you and Pete are well :D I've not been online much lately, but hope to have a bit more time for online friends now :) Just wanted to pop by and say hello! Have a fantastic week!

Sasoozie said...

Congrats on the speech going well !!! another thing off the list and another day nearer to England :D

Everyone seems to be scrapbooking at the moment! It's started to take off here, mainly on QVC at the moment, ick..

Mel said...

Glad the speech went well and good luck for the last, the major one!
That's nice of your uncle's gf. I like skirts which end on the knee lots, they're my favourites :-)

Fiona said...

Hi Juls
That's nice about the clothes from your uncle's girlfriend.
hope you're having a good week

Lydia said...

Hey Juls, cool about your speech going well. :) The dress looks very pretty. Hope you're having a good week :)

NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

That's nice about the clothes from your uncle's girlfriend, sounds cool. Oooh KFC sounds good right now, hope your having a great week.

P.S Love the dress pic, looks really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hey Juls, Gems here :):)

How r u?? Oooh those weddingy tags are cute, good for the scrapbook hope thats coming along well?
Mmm twister combo, yum yum yum! I adore KFC, having it as a treat after my tutorial on Saturday hehehe
Take care huny, just wanted 2 drop by and share my heys and hellos :)

Fiona said...

Have a good weekend Juls