Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Redneck is back....

English Redneck has finally blogged again, so I am adding him to my reads. BTW he's my fiance Pete if you didn't know that ;) Again, as always, bloody hilarious, vulgar, but sweet - but I am biased. ;)

In other stuff...

I went to Barnes and Noble after a very healthy lunch at Taco Bell, haha, yeah. Why is everything so freaking expensive there?! I was tempted to get "Olivia Joules" by Helen Fielding, and "To Have and to Hold" (UK title: "Spellbound") by Jane Green. Both are only in hardcovers here though ugh! $25 each, yeah okay, because I'm not broke as it is! But then I went to the WH Smith's website and "Spellbound" is like 3.50 quid! And "Olivia Joules" is coming out in paperback on 2 July. MMMMM I love Smith's!!! Sorry I know, I'm crazy.

My mom and Patrick (brother) have yet to call us from California. Hmph. I checked to see if the plane landed, yup even early so they're (presumably) okay. Then again expecting either of them to take into consideration that we might be worried is laughable so I'm sure they're fine.

I have to come back here tomorrow at 5pm to meet two girls from my speech class I'm doing the debate with...ugh. At least it'll all be over on Friday!

I'm going to go pretend to read info for the debate until 2pm when I told Pete I'd get on. Addicted to the computer, yup, that's me!


Anonymous said...

from lizzy
ithink this makes them cuter.. and mine does a few of these,,, lololol
-------------from todays sun---
Doh! Brit men aren't cool


BRITISH men have been blasted for their “uncool” habits — like picking their noses, poor dress sense and wearing women’s underwear in bed.

A survey of 1,200 blokes revealed that one in three regularly utters “Doh!” — the catchphrase of TV cartoon loser Homer Simpson.

The same number sing along to a song when they do not know the words, admit to picking their nose in the car and winding down the windows to impress passers- by with their music.

A quarter freely comment on their partner’s driving abilities.

Oddly, five per cent owned up to sleeping in women’s undies.

And almost half pull on a replica sports shirt when they are not playing.

But the ‘smoothness survey’ also revealed that not all men are quite so unrefined.

Around 85 per cent claimed to speak one or two languages.

Smooth heroes such as Hollywood legend Cary Grant, singer David Bowie and footballer Thierry Henry were all voted tops by Brit guys.

And 55 per cent would spend a £2,000 windfall on their other half.

Me, Myself and I said...

LOL I have been reading your bf's blog and I have to say I had so much fun and--- I lernt new swearing words ! hahaha that's fun & helpful *wink* Hope you guys have a great time in UK ( I'm sure you will hehe ) seems like Pete is planning lots of things for you 2 ;)