Monday, June 14, 2004

In Two Weeks Time....

I will be in ENGLAND!!!! yay!!!!

Wearing my Penalty Spot shirt today to be sarcastic and ironic about the match yesterday lol. Pete was less than pleased I can tell you. If you don't know, England lost to France yesterday in the Euro 2004.

Haven't been doing much around here. Last week of summer classes woohoo. I'm home alone this week as my mom and younger brother are leaving for California today and my dad and youngest brother will be at the motel. So I'm alone with the doggies, but it'll be nice, a bit of alone time. Because as much as I love and miss Pete, he drives me nuts sometimes and him being still unemployed will mean that we'll be together 24/7 which does have its advantages but might drive us both a bit nuts ;) As if we weren't already hehe.

I watched "Mona Lisa Smile" that I got from Blockbuster as a 2 for $10 previously viewed deal. It was a really good movie! I would recommend it to anyone who was thinking about seeing it but hasn't yet. I also finished reading "Straight Talking" by Jane Green, it was pretty good :)Typical Jane Green, very accurate to life but with a happy ending ;)


Anonymous said...

Sent a happy man to bed when england was thrashing the froggie s , 1 to o, with becks making a great goal.
he woke up to the horrible news (i couldn't tell him last night)that the frogs got two goals in the 90th minute.
many words not suitable for public displayed where than spat out against the gauls, it was harsh.
my clients in Nottingham where not well pleased as well ,and where so distraught by England's loss to the French, they nearly paid me 100 pounds less for my work. while muttering many of the same words the hubsand had said that very morning, i emailed them of their error.( grrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
i hate footy

Anonymous said...

juls,, get ready , girl! lol

Hooligans clash with cops

BOOZE-FUELLED thugs went on the rampage in several British towns and cities last night after England’s defeat by France.

Hundreds clashed with cops in BOSTON, Lincs, after the match.

Police said up to 600 fans gathered in a “major disturbance” in the town’s market place.

Around 200 cops were sent to contain the mob.

Some parked cars in the town centre were set on fire by angry fans.

A police spokesman said: “Extra officers have been drafted in to contain the disorder.”

Hundreds of hooligans hurled missiles and bottles at cops in CROYDON, South London.

Fourteen people were arrested and two officers were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Four hundred people were involved in a serious incident in Croydon.

“They were slinging missiles and bottles at police. A tram was attacked and some police vehicles were targeted.”

In BIRMINGHAM, a giant TV screen was smashed in Centenary Square by mindless morons hurling bottles and even shoes.

A witness said: “They just went wild.

“There were loads of kids at the front. They were terrified.

“The yobs turned on two policemen. I saw one disappear under about 20 trampling youths.”

Rampaging fans threw tables and chairs at each other and smashed car windows in LIVERPOOL.

Matthew Richards, a 25-year-old office worker from Birkenhead, said: “After Zidane scored again, everything really kicked off.

“I saw three lads in England shirts push one bloke over before stamping on his head.”

Hertfordshire police reported disturbances in WATFORD and STEVENAGE. Trouble also broke out in WAKEFIELD, West Yorks, and BROMLEY, Kent.

In contrast, the mood in Lisbon was sombre but respectful.

At midnight a few hundred fans sat beside fountains hanging their heads.

Juls said...

Wow! It doesn't surprise me though!

Sasoozie said...

Even worse was the rouncing we got against New Zealand at the Rugby, 36-3.. now that was a hammering.

Yo!! Anonymous people !!! don't forget to sign your name at the beginning or the end, I wanna know who you are !! :D

Anonymous said...

( a huge black cape swirls to unveil a gorgeous face( hrmph) and figure like caludia shiffer( hrmh hrmpg)
"sazooooziemm tis non other than i, yes, i,
lizzy, who hides behind this cloke of anonimity( did i spell that right)"
im too bone idle to sign up, you see.

Anne said...

Oooh yes! It was a tragic weekend for England wasn't it? First the Rugby then Euro 2004. When will it end? LOL!

I hear ya Juls about the 24/7 thing. Dennis isn't working yet either and I literally have not had any "me" time since we got married. Not even a few hours to myself totally. Hopefully I'll get that when I start holidays! *BIG HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Ooh yey Juls - in 2 weeks we'll be closing on our house that's cool you'll be getting to England then.

Ah yeah we have digital cable, James would die without it - Jennie said its not on bbc though as it's not done by them or something. Id'looked on their site to see if I could find it there but wasn't able to :( Boo.

I'll live. Hehe.

Me, Myself and I said...

hahaha !! good one about your t-shirt lol too many galactics they have but they even fail a penalty =P ( Ok, Spain did the same but we are a poorer and humbler team hihi )
Oh girl, 2 weeks, yessss. For me, 12 days. I'm starting to pack everything, I wanna be on time as I'm also in my exams period.
Have a nice day Juls xoxo

Juls said...
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