Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hmmmm. My weather pixie is in her swimsuit with thunder and lightening in the background, not too smart girl! Welcome to Florida in the summer though! Yes for the past few days it's been very hot, humid, and then around mid-day it starts to partially thunder and lightening, then down pour for little 20 mins spirts on and off all afternoon. Sunshine bloody state.

My mom and brother get back from California at 6am tomorrow. I'm happy about this because I have missed my mom and because I need my bloody suitcases back to pack them! My room looks like a hurricane went through it, stuff all over, waiting to be packed.

Can't wait to see Pete at the airport, and see all his family and stuff. Just to be there again will be cool, and about 30 lbs lighter than last year (but a bit flabby lately as I've been too lazy to exercise!)

I've been in a really weird mood lately, probably period related. Also I have been a bit dizzy and feeling like I'm going to throw up. Lovely. I have also been taking naps - which I never do. Yesterday I got up around 8am then went back to bed at 9:30am and slept until 12:30pm! And today I dozed on the couch for an hour around mid-day. Guess I'm just worn out from cleaning the house and my stupid period. Grrrr.

There has been a pigeon on our back porch for the last two days on and off, today he spent about 5 hours on a palm tree thing my mom got for christmas. I took a polariod of him as I couldn't find the digital camera. Pigeons are weird.

Anyway yeah so thats about all thats up around here for now!


Anonymous said...

Hey Juls, Gem here hehe thanks for my lovely tag on YD2R :) Yup, I am slowly getting back into blogworld hehe will be posting my holiday diary and details and pics very soon.
Hope you get your packing done and have a wonderful flight over to see Pete, awww have a great summer if I dont get chance 2 chat to you b4 you go huny!

Me, Myself and I said...

hahaha hope you mom isn't a cleaning maniatic coz she would be lost! =P My bedroom is the same way. Today I said to the woman taht comes to clean our hosue once per week not to touch my room, just because she wouldn't know here to start from ! hehe is such a mess.
Oh shit, the menstruation period makes oneself to be quite emotional and moody, doesn't it ? I hope you get 2 your ordinary mood soon and you PMS doesn't pisses you off ( mine is coming just when I'm flying...fuck )
Ok, hope the packing goes well girl ( BTW, Gem said is doing a horrible weather nowadays but my uncle's girlfriend' sister said to bring the swimming suit coz seems it is gonna be a hot summer though. CONCLUSION: take everything you have in your wardrobe LOL ) ;-)

Juls said...

LOL Miriam

I KNOW! I'm going to pack a bit of everything just in case!

Jennie said...

Hehe, weird in a good way? We used to have pigeons in my parents garden. We bought food and were able to hand feed one. I even wanted a baby one for a pet.

Wow, that's quite the weight loss - people will definitely notice that.

Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes it really sucks being a woman. :P

Anonymous said...

lazy lizzy
heeey girl! sounds like your body is recovering after all the stress of studying, and finally relaxing , and winding down.. just go with it, sleep alot, and let youtrself savour your last few moments before you fly out. if i dont see you before than, have a smashing time with mr pete and family, enjoy seeing Romeo and Juliet, and the footy, and just being back in blighty. tell us all about it when your back.
bon voyage!

Juls said...

Awww thanks Lizzy!