Friday, June 25, 2004

Finally Dawning on me

I'm leaving the day after tomorrow!!!!!!!! Okay I think last night it finally hit me that I'll be seeing Pete again in less than 3 days now, and that I'll be traveling to England. Wow! I'm up early again this morning, I've been going to bed around midnight and getting up around 6am, I guess I'm excited.

Packing is going good, a bit of everything. I always have to pack at least twice: once to get together everything I need into my big suitcase, and then a second time to fit everything I need into the case.

I'll take a picture of how it looks now LOL stuff piled on the suitcase that has to be fit in. I'm not even bringing anything extra, but a 6 weeks worth of clothes for a climate that is undecided this time of year takes up a lot of room.

Some good news on the things to do front, Pete's mum has used air miles she had to get us free admission into the London Eye and the Tower of London!!! We LOVE the Tower, been there about 3 times but it never gets boring!

I linked to my Wellness Journal to the left, thanks to Jennie for the very cute graphic :) I also changed the template on my wellness journal and updated it a bit.

Guess thats about it for now! Oh, went to the mall with my friend Tiffany yesterday, and then we met up with Becca. We went to Hops for lunch where I ate A LOT of food and felt like I was going to explode. Then we went back to the mall and I got a pair of earrings for $3 (regular price $10) and some stuff from Bath and Body Works with a gift card I had :)


Me, Myself and I said...

AAArrrgghhh Juls !!! how are you? LOl u see me, too much nervous & excited plus freaking out LOL. My God, today I'm finally done with my exams so free way to pack everything. I have almost everything. Today morning I bought "the special english plug" and some cosmetics I needed. And today I'm gonna buy the food I'm bringing with me to UK lol I don't wanna feel homesick too soon hehehe plus olive oil doesn't exist there so I'm taking it from home, I can't live without it !Ok, I'm gonan zip my mouth now, need to arrange the alst things. I'll be over your blog tomorrow I think, but in acse you don't get to check ur blog then, Have a nice & safe flight !!!!!! xoxo

Juls said...

The same to you Miriam !!!!

I'll be thinking of you in Gatwick when I arrive ;)