Thursday, June 24, 2004

Why is everything so freaking expensive?!

Seriously, I went to Walmart to get some stuff I need for packing - bathroom necessities, underwear, socks, and a DVD case thingy. I spent..wait for it... $50!!!! And I got NOTHING. I bought the bare minimum, all the cheapest stuff, even clearence items!

My big splurge was on a $9 bra which was on clearence. That being said I have ONE white bra and only one, and I wear it almost everyday so I thought I'd might as well get another one after trying to find my size for ages.

I even found a DVD case thing in the clearence section that holds 35 DVDs. For $7.

So how did I spent $50 you ask???!!! Beats the heck outta me! All that cheap stuff adds up too quickly!

My stomach feels weird at the moment but overall I've been feeling better.

People from Essex have been staying at the motel and I finally got to meet them today. They're leaving tomorrow evening back home (shame really that we weren't flying at the same time!) The man works for Boots as a delivery man and he thinks he might be going to the Wickford shop soon so I might see him around there! It was so great to talk to them, made me excited about going over. Everyone is just so nice. I know people say that English people aren't friendly, or that American's are friendlier or whatever, but I've met the nicest people in the world in England. But maybe that just my anglophile self loving everything there so much.

England plays tomorrow in the Euro 2004, good luck!!!!! I'll probably be going to the mall to meet a few of my friends I haven't seen in ages to catch up before I leave! Yay. But I'll be anxious to hear how the match went!


Jennie said...

Hi Juls,

Glad you liked the little graphic.

Huh, that sucks when you find bargains but then it's still not cheap. Maybe the tax screwed you over somewhat? Socks can be a rip off too sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Juls, Just stopped by to say hello and to wish you a safe and very happy trip to the UK! You'll have a wonderful time, I'm sure. Have a few Cabury's trifles for me won't you? Oh and some cheese and onion crisps (chips, but you already know that!) cream cakes- any kind, fish and chips, oh the list goes on and on, hehe!
Like your new look here, too. Hugs! Elaine (Jennie's blog) ((hope I posted this ok :) )

Lynn said...

Hi Juls :) Nope, it never fails....if you're trying to save money you always spend more! Even with bargains, lol! Hope you have a wonderful time here in England! Have a safe trip :)

Sasoozie said...

Just like when I go to IKEA.... Lol..

still you're getting yourself all sorted for the big trip :-)

Anonymous said...

oh my god what a game,,, we were biting our fingernails the hole thing,,, when portugal scored the point in the 80th minute, david got all defeatist said" im going to bed",, than he came back.
portugal got anouther point in the second added 15 minutes, and david said
"im going to bed"
than england " equalised" as he was on his way to the bedroom, and it went into the penalties, and we were all dying,, the girls got up to see( it was almost midnite) .. and than that equalised,, and than sudden death..
england lost.
david was not a happy man.
im waiitng for dad e- mail,, thats gonna be one unhappy man,
great game though.

Fiona said...

Hi Juls
Be prepared for very miserable football fans when you come over to England!! What a horrible defeat last night and poor old Darius Vassell guilty of causing us to go out of the tournament!! But it was an exciting match..all the way to penalties!! Oh well, at least now I'll get to watch something on tv that isn't football for a while ;-) Have a good trip!!!

Juls said...

Thanks for the warnings Lizzy and Fiona

Yeah Pete blogged about it. Oh well, I can't believe I'm leaving the day after tomorrow!!!!!