Friday, June 25, 2004

Interesting Documentary.
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Went to go see that today with my mom. The movie theater that had it playing was the one in back of the mall (for any local ppl). That isn't the best movie theater and it kinda makes sense that it was only showing there and they made a TON from it I'm assuming. The theater it was in was the biggest in the place and it was PACKED. My mom and I were late getting there and got seats in the second to closest row so my neck is a bit achy from that.

Overall, the documentary was very moving. Of course it was propaganda but what isn't anymore? It's hard to describe, but I would recommend it; I'm not saying I agree with the writer/producer but the facts are there. It was very gory in terms of the war and injured people, and I had to close my eyes at times.

That's about it, interesting but controversial of course.

Here is a review from MSN about the movie: Fahrenheit 9/11 Review

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