Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hope Smells Like Lysol

Wow, the house is clean, well barring my room, which was clean earlier this week but has no regained its duty as a wedding warehouse of crap. I'm exhausted. I just did another 12 favor boxes with hershey's kisses, and should go be putting ribbons and heart stickers on little tubes of bubbles, but I need to sort out my room enough for me to sleep in.

Not sure if its wedding nerves or just poor nutrition, but I've been getting stomach aches and queesy feelings all this week. I'm really excited about Pete and his family arrives on Thursday! I'm usually excited about Pete coming to visit obviously, but the feeling has magnified 150% by the fact that its for our wedding, and that his whole immediate family, some extended members, and a few friends will be here in the coming days as well. Then the real fun starts when all my family arrives!

I may or may not update again before the "big day" but thank you all for all your lovely messages and congratulations!


NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

I kinda got an upset stomach before my wedding. Guess I was just rushing trying to get everything ready. Hope it passes soon.

I just read your account of you and Petes Relationship. It's wonderful to read it, I can't believe you guys are finally getting married. So happy for you guys.

Have a great day, cherish every moment.

Take Care

Juls said...

Thanks Natalie!

Stacie said...

Oh girlie I can't believe your big day is almost here!! I am so excited for you! I was looking at your pics earlier and I just love your bustle, it's so pretty! You are going to take Pete's breath away girl! Relax and have fun! I can't wait to see pics!!



Me, Myself and I said...

Those are nerves, Juls ;-)

I have that movie! I LOVE IT! it is just adorable and really really good. I started to get addicted to Bollywood productions after watching Monsoon wedding :-)

Anonymous said...

girl you'll be fine! all of those people are coming to celebrate you and Pete,, relax, laugh alot, feel beautiful,eat dance , bask in the attention an just love the day! YOU ARE THE QUEEN, THE STAR!!!!
You are finally marrying the man you love after all this time, and all kinds of wonderful things await on the horizon.
so done be nervous, don't be scared... enjoy enjoy enjoy!
and remebr, your kids are going to loooooooooooooooooooove seing the pictures of mummy and old dad looking so young and radiant on their wedding day one day.. so smile LOADS!
big hugs and mazal tovs, from lizzy

Sarah said...

Hi Juls and Pete,

I just wanted to stop by on your special day and let you know that I'm thinking about you both!

You've been through so much as an LDR and you deserve this happiness so much!!!

Congratulations to you both and I can't wait to see pictures.

Jennie said...

So how's it feel to be a married woman? :D I was thinking of you & Pete yesterday. Looking forward to hearing how your special day went and especially seeing the photos. :D Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

sadie sadie old married lady!
I'm glad that mean old hurricane won't make it in time to be a wedding guest!
health and happiness til 120, and mazal tov to the new mr and mrs!
love lizzy

NatalieLucy said...

Congratulations Pete and Julie! Looking forward to seeing your pics, hope the day was special.