Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wedding???? What Wedding????!

Oh good god it's getting close!!

I should really blog about it but I'm way too stressed out about the issue to contemplate writing it all down. I know its the final weeks leading up to "the happiest day of our lives" or whatever and I should cherish the moments but at this point I wish it was over already!


Sarah said...

Hi Juls,

Haven't stopped by in awhile, thought I would to say congratulations on graduation and your upcoming wedding! I am so in awe of you and Pete for handling this LDR for as long as you both have. I only went through mine for 2 years and thought I was going to d.i.e. before we were finally together.

I'm really happy for both of you.

I have a new web address's in the link attached to my name.

Me, Myself and I said...

OH MY!!!!!!!! ONLY 22 ????????

God, how cool !!!! can't wait to read your wedding report and see the wedding pics :D

Erin said...

whoa that is just incredible! Juls! Congratulations!! (that totally snuck up on me!!!)

Stacie said...

OMG Juls I can't believe it's almost here! The remaining days will fly by before you know it! I was feeling really stressed so close to my wedding last year so I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I can't wait to hear all about the wedding and see lots of pics!! Congrats and Hugs!!!!! You will be a beautiful bride, enjoy your wedding day!!