Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today I was called a housewife...

Today I was called a housewife, at the local doctor's office. Yeah, it was exciting. The doctors was pretty uneventful, it was my check-up to be able to complete registration with the local GP. Gotta love the NHS, it was weird going out of there without signing a bill or paying them anything.
In other news, the job hunt it slow. I wish I had an occupation to put on things other than erm "housewife." That term just makes me think of 1950s. Other than that, I'm adjusting pretty well to life here I think. I wish people called me more, it seems I'm the only one calling anyone to keep in touch. Oh well. Looking forward to the weekend since Pete's off work on Friday...but we have to go to my National Insurance number interview, so not all that exciting really. Guess that's it from me more now. I have yet to complete my emigration story about moving over...maybe I'll get around to that tomorrow ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl
You did have an article published on line... so , therefore , you are a published journalist.
Its taken me many years to build up my career as a freelance illustrator, and a little bit of BS helps !
Have you tried sending out cold letters to magazines and newspapers?
I have been working with two English software companies of more than 5 years already a s a freelance illustrator, by just sending out a cover letter offering my serivces, and sending my online prtfolio. . you can approach magazines( look them up on line) and send letters out to the editors. your artice you had published can be a good sample to send.
You can also buy a great little book in Ottakers , Waterstones, Dillon's , or Smiths or another big bookstore called "writers market 2006, which gives addresses of UK, and American magazine publishers etc, and their submission guidelines.
You write beautifully, and stories of the " new yank " in town always make for fun reading..

A nother good temporary job is tutor for children... extra help with English, math etc,,,,
keep plugging away kiddo
all the ebest