Friday, April 01, 2005

I got out of class an hour an a half year. Why? Because apparently my instructor (she's a reporter, or was, for the local paper) is moving to Texas tomorrow. Yes, Texas, tomorrow. Quite a shock, but like she said we can email her our last 2 assignment (articles) and it'll be like a real news agency doing a out-of-area or whatever report. I'm happy about not having to go to the class for the next 2 weeks at 5pm until around 7:30pm on Thursday. Wow only 2 more weeks of classes and then finals AH! Anyway was an interesting class tonight.

I've been exercising lately and trying to eat better for my diet challenge - losing 30 lbs or about that by August when I go to England (TBC) - check out my wellness journal -----> for details.

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