Thursday, April 07, 2005

So I told Pete I want one of these but there is no way I'm bidding $21 for it. I doubt if he'll get me one. 1) Because I think they only sell that crap in London or Windsor or some equally touristy place like that, not in Wickford or even the bustling metropolis of Basildon (god help us). 2) Because he couldn't care less and 3) because has he said "they're F***ing ugly. Any takers?

In other gift news, I called Pete tonight. My lovely mother in law answered the phone.

Lin: "We were just talking about you"
Me: Pause
L: "Only good things...about your birthday"
Me: Oh right!
L: I'll get Pete for you
Me: Ok
L: Alright bye
Me: Ok..bye.

So my in laws were talking about what I would like for my birthday. The big 21 - a month from Saturday. I told Pete they don't have to get me anything...but know them and that they spoil me rotten its useless to say to them. I really do like them, I'm glad I don't have scary future in-laws and we all get along fine and laugh and joke around. Like I told Pete the other day, his parents aren't really parents - only people that just so happen to have made him. ;) They're a laugh.

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