Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Technically two finals down and two to go, though I doubt if turning in a 2 page letter and watching Bend it Like Beckham for Post-Colonial lit really constitutes as a final! Almost all packed to move back home, my roommate left today, I didn't think I'd see her so I left her a note saying goodbye - then I saw her in the hall going back to the room and didn't say anything. I'm not one for soppy goodbyes when for 8 months we've barely spoken. Roll on next year and my own room (fingers crossed). Pete will be here a week from tomorrow!!! I'm excited to be having a proper birthday with him here, not like my family doesn't celebrate my birthday but its not the same. Its the first one we're able to spend in person! My in-laws are going shopping for my birthday presents this weekend (well Pete's mum and nan anyway). Anxious to see what they get me! Well only half an hour until my Editing and Layout exam, better go look over my notes a bit! Then I have Mass Media and Society tomorrow at 8am! At least I've done the notecards for that. Woohoo another year almost over and one more to go! My hasn't it gone by fast?!

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