Saturday, April 09, 2005

So my third year of uni is coming to a close, don't worry I have one more year. Here in the wonderful U. S. of A. we basically send the last year of high school and first year of college twiddling our thumbs in an attempt to 'adjust,' meaning we spend the next 3 years getting stressed out and wishing it was over soon. And it is. Scary.

For the first time I'm going to an evening, non-academic function...yes a formal. God help me. The last time I danced as to "Hey Mickey" on New Years Eve with my In-laws and friends in a cheerleading costume. Tonight I'll dance to something more recent, in something less flashy, with people more my own age. And this scares me. I can socialize with half-pissed middle aged couples, but half-pissed 20 year olds? Not so sure. I've always gotten along better with older people, probably because thats close to my wannabe mental age. So here I sit, with my the name of my college plastered on my butt, waiting to see what time we're leave. I would take pics, but I don't have my camera.


Jennie said...

Hope you had a good night out.

Interesting links. I read the Slate article and the link to the BBC site about the collectibles. That tea towel would be nice to have - shame about the price though. I forgot to ask if my Mum has seen any merchandise around.

Lydia said...

Hey Juls, hope the formal went okay. I tend to get along better with older people too. I hope you have a great week.