Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The red is named "rocking chair red." I did another coat of it last night but I missed a few spots because I couldn't see them, so touching them up today. We're only doing the one wall that color so its not that shocking. My dad was home to paint the other walls white, now we just have to do the base boards. My mom spent all day yesterday scrapping the wallpaper of one of the bathrooms so they can paint that tan. Lots of painting. I still have primer on my arm and somehow on my glasses lol.

Pete'll be here in a little over 30 hours :) He's packing now, only bringing one suitcase of course for 3 and a half weeks. I bring two for that long, but then again I'm a girl. And as I tell Lin as we try to stuff my cases into her little red Yaris: "I'm American, I need stuff!" Anyway that's about all on this end for now, still have to put my clothes back in my dresser, clean out the junk drawers (I have two in my dresser and one cabnet of book built in) and then wash the sheets on my bed (or change them as they're flannel and its the end of April in FL lol). Anyway, lots to do by tomorrow.

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NatalieLucy said...

Hey Juls,

Wow time went by quick, glad to hear that Pete is on his shortly. LOL yeah I know what you mean about the suitcases, I remember bringing two big suitcases over for my 7wk stay, should have seen Clay's face lol.

Have a good Wednesday.