Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Mine was ok. Got some Christmas shopping done on Friday, and looked around in the mall yesterday. I'm officially really really broke! Luckily I don't think either family is going all out for Christmas this year (Pete's are saving up to come over for the wedding in June :) ) so we'll have a low key Christmas all around. I had all intentions of finishing my Christmas cards but that'll have to wait I guess. Been feeling depressed and unmotivated which is understandable I guess. And on top of everything I have a cold/flu bug! The next two weeks are going to be hell as far as school but then I'm off to England for 2 weeks so that's something to be happy about! yay!

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Lydia said...

Hey Juls, sorry to hear you've got the Flu. I hope you feel better soon. Heh, I hear ya on being broke, luckily I've got only 1 more Christmas present to buy. :)