Saturday, November 19, 2005

New Template

How does it look? I tried it on a PC in the library yesterday and it looked all messed up but i'm my mac and it looks fine now. If it looks messed up let me know, and if anyone knows anything about HTML let me know how to fix it if it looks messed up. Thanks!


Lynn said...

Hi Juls :)

It looks fine on my computer (a PC), so hopefully there aren't any problems :)

I hope you and Pete are doing well and getting ready for the Christmas countdown :D

Have a wonderful week!

Me, Myself and I said...

Hi Juls :) it looks fine too me although I must say it is a bit narrow for my explorer screen, but the pic and the text are ok.

yey Xmas is almost here!!! :))))

Sarah said...

Hi Juls!!!

I like the layout! It looks fine on my end too! If you want to get rid of the blogger toolbar that sneaks out at the top left of the santa picture, you can do embed /embed to get rid of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!