Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Music Outside Head

Actually the music is the punk/rock variety which is blaring from someone's ipod in the computer lab. All I want to do is finish my paper for tomorrow. I'm freezing. I mean COLD. I've been getting this type of cold a lot lately, that kind that doesn't really involve putting on more clothes but warming ones insides. When I was little my mom had to cut the feet out of my pajamas (you know the ones with feet) because my feet got hot and sweated. They still do. But my finger tips and toes get as cold as ice. Must be a circulation problem or something. Well will end this here and try to concentrate on my paper and not the music that's playing outside my head.

PS Trip went well. Wedding was beautiful...some pics of the scenery on my flickr badge, the other family/friends ones are on my flickr account. If you want to see those, ask to be my contact and if I know you I'll let you see them :)


Me, Myself and I said...

I am freezing too. My rose gets red as well as my ears but, thanks God! no more heat or sweat for months.

BTW, I only see the pics about the landscape not about your friends or your family...

Sara said...

Oh god. Don't complain about the cold. I don't want to hear it. At least you're not spending winter at the top of the world ;)
Pictures are pretty! AND the steering wheel is on the correct side! I haven't seen one of those in ages!
Stay warm!

Fiona said...

I've really begun to feel the cold this last week or so - it always seems to turn colder after Bonfire Night, it's traditional I think!! Your pictures are lovely.