Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I just finished trying to read Bhaktin for Literary Criticism - about half way though the essay, the material is very dense and I highlighted about the whole thing.

My cousin Jess emailed me last Friday I think, she'll be in London from January 1st until the 4th so we'll probably meet up! We haven't seen each other since I was 7 and she was 14 so it should be interesting. Pete's cousin from Australia is coming for Christmas and he hasn't seen her since they were really young as well so it's a long-lost cousin meet up holiday season all around. PR midterm tomorrow, and a quiz in News and Feature Reporting. Fun fun. Then I have a midterm in Journalism on Thurs. I'm freezing so I'm going to bed.


Me, Myself and I said...

Yeeeey, cool! sounds like a promising and fun Xmas, isnt it ? full of surprises and arrivals hehe

Anonymous said...

arghghg, juls , i want to wow you with my acumen( lol) but in the new blog, i cant wake up and smell the darn coffee because i cant see it! .. im scared ill spill the bloody cofee and scald myself.
is the text brown on dark brown? dont let your graphics teacher catch you doing this , she'll slap your wrists!
at the risk of being a real chutzphnik, could you perhaps make the text a bit lighter? i wont be able to read your answer, so i hope i haven't offended you. the bits i can see look great, i just cant read the text,, i barely madeout " send a comment"