Sunday, October 10, 2004

So what did I do today? Spent 5 hours at a computer screen in the library working on my Grammar Theory take home test. 5. Straight. Hours. My old roommate also has the class so we were in there together looking at tons of books and internet sources trying to do the 5 identification words (which took around 3 and a half hours) and started on the first essay. I didn't think I so very tired but as soon as I got back here to chat with Pete my eyes hurt really bad. So we only chatted about half an hour before I had to lay down. Then almost an hour later me and my old roommate went to go get something to eat, ended up walking around town then deciding to drive to TGI Fridays. Pete is going to be so jealous but I had a rack of ribs mmmmmmm. So good not to have to eat dining hall food!!! Anyway so tomorrow the library doesn't open until 2pm but in the morning I'm going work on an essay that's due on Monday, its just a 2 page thing. Then I have to finish my Grammar Theory test (due on Tues) and then work on an article that's due on Tuesday. The two main things I want to get done tomorrow are the essay for PR and the take home test, the article I can do on Monday evening or even if I have to in between my classes on Tuesday (but I want to get it done asap.) I really hate school, I need time to relax. My eyes are hurting again now, so I guess that's about it. I think my old roommate is coming over to my room again later and we're going to watch a movie and veg out and try not to think about the take home test!!!!

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